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Ever wanted to own a piece of a gold mine ?

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logo By purchasing APRA you are funding the gold mining operations, your token is backed by a growing supply of gold
logo Apraemio's partner company, GGS has mining rights in Mali, Africa
logo Apraemio is a new cryptocurrency backed by a growing supply of gold
logo The forecasted gram/tonne gold supply in our mining area is 5 g/t, which is sensational

About Apraemio

The Apraemio project is a full-fledged ecosystem that will offer a growing set of multiple use cases, various community rewards and the possibility for token owners to exchange their APRA tokens directly for physical gold acquired through our exploration, drilling and mining activities.

Our mission is to create a universal cryptocurrency that lays out the foundation of future crypto payments, while remaining an investment asset with a solid price floor and great ROI potential.

What is Apraemio?

GGS owns a physical gold mine in Mali, which has one of the largest gold reserves discovered in Africa. We have long-standing relationships with distributors, as well as with experienced mining firms and municipal authorities. We understand how to organize risk-averse and profitable gold mining.

Why choose us?

Apraemio allows investors to have an inflation-resilient cryptocurrency investment backed by real-world value and brings predictable, continuous profits. All you have to do is to buy APRA tokens, and become an investor of our mining operations. Apraemio's gold redemption program benefits our stakeholders by ensuring you receive 50% of the mined precious metal.

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Contract address: 0x0c4ac8952c28e2e7fe22033C8D2F1263372d301d

Our key features

Gold Redemption Program

The Gold Redemption Program offers token holders the possibility to exchange their APRA for 50% of the gold gained through mining endeavours.

Deflationary token

We will incorporate several burning mechanisms that will steadily reduce the total supply of APRA over time, supporting a long-term appreciation of the price.

Use cases and incentives

The APRA token will offer multiple use cases — from the Gold Redemption Programme, gold purchasing and car selling to real estate, credit card payments and more.

How are we different?


Our parent company Arteus Capital Holding has served over 7000 clients in the past 2 decades and became the market leader for gold investment in the Central European region.

Exploration rights

In the Apraemio ecosystem, our partner companies have more than 20 years of experience with gold. Green Gold System has close ties with Malian authorities, which led us to win an exclusive concession for 30 years. The region where we have the exploitation license, contains approximately 800 metric tons of gold deposits. We have the manufacturing, research, and drilling operations in place and ready to generate money.


5% of the total APRA supply will be dedicated exclusively to charity, helping the lives of people close to our mining site. We are constantly working to improve the overall living conditions and create new jobs for them.

Gold Redemption Program

At the heart of the ecosystem is our Gold Redemption Program that offers token holders the possibility to exchange their APRA tokens for real gold mined through our exploration project with large proven reserves.

Scientifically proven

The reserves have been estimated using the latest standards in 3D satellite imaging technology. The full survey details and results are available on demand.

Full exploration rights

We have been granted the full exploration rights on the basis of the Convention signed 2015 with the Government of the Republic of Mali and renewed in accordance with the new Mining Code in 2020.

How does it work?

The APRA deflationary utility token will allow holders to participate in the Gold Redemption Program. The token will additionally be used for payments within the Apraemio ecosystem, give holders the possibility to acquire services and will further act as an incentive mechanism.

Exploration phase

After the crowd-sale, we will immediately initiate the 3-phase process of acquiring the gold (exploration, drilling and mining).

Mining and reporting

Then we will estimate the APRA to gold ratio. In a realistic scenario, 1 APRA sold at the main sale for 1 USD will be worth ~9 USD in gold.


Every APRA token holder can choose to redeem their tokens and receive the amount of physical gold 1 APRA is tied to.

The APRA token utility


Token name




Token Type

1,000,000,000 APRA

Token Supply

100,000,000 APRA

Token ICO


ICO price

The team

Zoltán Varga


Mihály Tóth


Tamás Kis


László Szenthe

Technical Lead

Márton Szabó

Social Media Manager

Gábor Batiz

Sales manager


Green Gold System Europe SARL was established in 2014 in Bamako, Mali, more than 1200 samples were taken, more than 6000 meters drilled

In 2016 we partnered up with a vertical multispectral forecast company (VMF) to apply their revolutionary technology

In December 2021 we gathered our team of cryptocurrency experts to create our utility token APRA

Q1 2023 Start of drilling activities, Blockchain development, additional use cases for APRA

Q3 2023, Listing of APRA on centralized exchanges, Launch of the Apraemio blockchain platform

2025 First exchange round for APRA token holders for gold (gold redemption program)

Token distribution
Capital distribution
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